Are you planning a romantic elopement on the Amalfi Coast? Look no further than the picturesque town of Positano. The stunning cliffside views and crystal blue sea create the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony and photoshoot.


A great idea to enrich your elopement with much love is to celebrate with your two best friends. They will help you during the getting ready, and will be by your side during the exchange of vows and the photo shooting. You can arrange a private dinner or a small gathering to create meaningful memories with them.
The idea of eloping with your two best friends will let you have the added bonus of sharing the experience with someone you love. Unlike a large wedding, eloping with your closest companions offers an opportunity to create meaningful memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.


After the ceremony, one of the most memorable moments of your elopement can be a toast on a terrace overlooking the breathtaking views. Choose a spot with a panoramic view of the sea and sip on delicious Italian Prosecco while taking in the beauty around you.


For your photoshoot, a vespa is a must. The colorful Italian scooter is an iconic symbol of Italy and adds a touch of fun and adventure to your elopement. Zipping around the winding streets of Positano on a vespa creates an unforgettable memory and perfect photo opportunities.

Overall, a romantic elopement on the Amalfi Coast is a fairy tale that can come true if you hire a professional Wedding Planner. This unforgettable experience filled with stunning views and Italian culture will leave a lasting impression on you and your partner. Contact me to book your elopement in Positano and create memories that will last a lifetime.

WP agency: Efffetti

Paperwork Management agency: My Wedding in Italy

Floral Design: Posaflora

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