1. Why should I hire you as my Wedding Planner?

Here is a list of my top 5 answers. Choose the one you prefer!

  • I can be your personal directory of recommendations in terms of vendors, venues, and styles
  • I can set you up with exclusive deals thanks to my established relationships with local pros
  • I can do the “heavy work” such as narrowing each category of suppliers, scheduling appointments, and solving last minute issues
  • I get down to the nitty-gritty when it comes to plan a wedding and always offer options that match your preferences
  • I LOVE my job and I strive to give each of my couples exactly the wedding they have been dreaming of for a lifetime!

2. What kind of packages do you offer?

I offer tailor-made packages based on my couples’ needs, from paperwork management to day-of coordination. Of course, I prefer dealing with all the aspects of the planning, because the process of organizing a destination wedding might be overwhelming and requires a long experience in the field, and lots of time to review contracts, coordinate vendors, create a timeline, and prevent many dangerous mistakes that risk to ruin what should be one of the best days of your life.

3. Will you help us with the overall vision of our wedding?

Yes, I will. Being a Wedding Planner & Wedding Designer, I deal every day with color palettes, decor, design elements, themes, and lighting. My aim is to bring my couples’ ideas to fruition, thanks to the tools I have to make every wedding a well-styled and one-of-a-kind event.

4. How many weddings do you usually work on at the same time?

I don’t take more than 30 weddings per year, as I think every couple deserves my full attention during the planning process. On their wedding week, I always meet the bride and groom before their Special Day for a final briefing.

5. How do you select vendors?

In almost 10 years of experience in the wedding field, I have established strong relationships with many suppliers coming from all around Italy and also from abroad. That’s why I always suggest the ones I think are more appropriate based on my couples needs. Of course, I am open to working with pros selected by the bride and groom, but I can’t guarantee their level of professionalism if I don’t know them, of course.

6. When do you usually get to the venue on the wedding day?

As a Wedding Coordinator, I am logistically focused on coordinating arrival, delivery and set up times of all vendors, so I always arrive at the venue many hours prior to the ceremony time (usually at 11.00 if the wedding is in the afternoon, and at 7ish if it’s in the morning). If necessary, I am open to meeting the couple at the venue the day before the wedding.

7. How many meetings will we have? How often will we communicate?

An accurate wedding planning process needs a constant exchange of ideas between me and my couples, so from the very beginning it’s very important for me to establish a strong connection with the bride and groom. This usually happens via Skype/FaceTime/Whatsapp calls and emails. I love working with shared .ppt files containing all the details of the wedding, including a color palette, inspirational images, timeline, vendors’ info, and all the relevant details.