How to pick the perfect wedding bouquet?

What makes a perfect bridal bouquet?
Here are my TOP 3 tips:

1. Pay attention to the size. It should be in proportion to you and to the shape of your wedding gown. If you are a petite bride, having a nice small bouquet will work beautifully without overshadowing your dress in photographs.

2. Respect the color palette of your event. If you have picked the tones of pink, you could add a softer shadow, like blush as a distinctive detail.

3. Choose seasonal flowers. You want luscious beautiful blooms for your decorations, and for a more reasonable budget!

I know, I’ve said 3 tips. But here’s my favorite one: look for inspo anywhere, take advice from the experts but make your bouquet personal! Add tiny touches that will truly make it yours, a favourite flower, a brooch from your loved Grandma, a lucky charm. Follow your heart and you’ll never go wrong!

The beautiful color palette picked by Elisa & Jacopo is one of my favorite ones, as it combines cool and warm tones in a classy mix, which is quite unconventional for an Italian wedding. Italian brides love white and ivory…well, I should say they are afraid of thinking outside the box, as using colors is often seen as going against traditions. From my experience as a destination wedding planner, foreign brides are more daring, and that’s why I always suggest my Italian couples to take inspiration from foreign Websites like Brides or Harper’s Bazaar. They rock, that’s it!

Trust me, embracing traditions simply because you don’t want to disappoint your Mom or because you think your wedding requires it will not make you feel better. As you can read on Harper’s Bazaar in a very interesting post: “Your guests will remember their experience at the event, first and foremost.” So, just be YOU! Your Wedding Day has to reflect your personalities and preferences. Forget the traditional bridal rule book and dare!


Floral arrangements for the Church

Garlands of greenery and flowers are a nice way to decorate the pews in a massive and austere church, because they add an elegant touch without weighing down the architetural beauty.

Elisa & Jacopo had their touching Catholic ceremony in the beautiful Church of San Giorgio in Velabro, an authentic gem of the Roman architecture.

For a classic (and super classy!) ceremony display, ivory linens were draped over the pews and the elegant look was enhanced with cool-and-warm shades of roses and hydrangeas, enriched by candles.

An elegant golden-framed seating chart – decorated with a beautiful garland of greenery and flowers – welcomed the guests to the sumptuous villa Elisa & Jacopo had rented for their reception.

Before the aperitivo – which is a MUST if you want to offer an authentic Italian wedding experience to your families and friends – a cool shot with some props from the PhotoBooth corner is a nice idea to entertain your guests of all ages.

The newly weds made a toast with the traditional Bellini cocktail, which perfectly matched the color palette of their wedding.

BTW, if you are looking for the Italian recipe, take a look at the International Bartender Association website, which also describes all its variations of fruit you can try.

Photos: Jay Studio

Bridal MU & Hair: Giorgia Bertoldi

Floral Design: I fiori di Donatella e Giuliano