An elegant and sophisticated option

Are you considering an orchids bouquet?

It’s a super cool and original option as this flower makes a huge impact in any floral arrangement, and it comes in a wide range of shapes and colors, making it perfect for any wedding style.

You can either keep it simple, choosing just one variety, OR – like Jessica did – mix it with other flowers, such as roses for example. Her idea was to have many different hues of pink, so she decided to pair white and deep pink orchids with blush, light pink, and hot pink roses. The result was an asymmetrical arrangement which was the perfect combo for her original dress.

In this post I would like to share with you some photos from a stunning wedding I had the honor to plan and officiate in Rome.

The bride and groom got ready in a cozy and refined boutique hotel on the Aventine Hill – Hotel Sant’Anselmo – located at few steps from the wedding venue, one of the most elegant and esclusive places in Rome: Istituto Nazionale di Studi Romani. This is much more than a venue which hosts events. It’s a center of research whose goal is to show the artistic and cultural beauty of this wonderful city, through permanent documentary material, conferences, and site inspections.

Jessica is one of the brides any Wedding Planner would be happy to meet, as she is cheerful, unconventional, and very creative. Her gorgeous dress with sweetheart neckline and beautiful drawings at the bottom of the skirt was amazing!

Matt chose – for him and his two groomsmen – a perfect traditional Italian three-piece suit with tie and bouttonière matching the wedding color palette.

And same did Jessica’s father, who was very touched while walking her sweet daughter down the long aisle. Also the bridal party dresses and the ring bearers clothes were, of course, paired with the wedding color palette.

The ceremony took place in the secret garden of the venue, which has a breathtaking view on the center of Rome.

wedding ring tradition in italy


When it comes to choosing the weddings rings, you can follow two routes.
The first one, which is the most traditional choice adopeted in most European countries is a matched set — the same band for her and for him, to show that you have become a unique soul with marriage. The rings you see in this photo are Jessica and Matt’s wedding rings. Simple, elegant and classy!
The second one is most common among the American couples, who choose different wedding rings — usually a diamond ring for her and a simpler wedding band for him. In this case, you wanna express more your individuality and reflect your personal style.
If you would like to know what the experts say on the matter, take a look at this interesting post on Jewelrywise. I found it very instructive and illuminating.

The sitting dinner was held in the cloister of the venue. The long top table for the immediate family and the round tables for the other guests were perfectly integrated among the trees and the ancient well, creating a nice formal set up provided by the prestigious California caterer.

Wedding Planning Agency: Efffetti

Wedding Officiant Agency: My Wedding in Italy

Photos and Video: Inesse Handmade Photography